Vienna to the Netherlands 4

It has been a busy four days, three dry and one very wet. We are in Ulm, our last day on the Danube. Tomorrow we take a train to Esslingen near Stuttgart to begin cycling north along the Nekar river which will take us to the Rhine. It feels sad to leave the Danube after cycling 750 km from Vienna.

The last few days have been full of variety: cycling in all sorts of terrain including a few hills, a ferry ride through a 6 km section where the Daube goes through a gorge, a night we had a hard time finding a hotel, some very muddy riding, dinner with a couple from San Francisco who are doing a commercial tour, a bike repair, getting lost, some lovely towns.

A new bottom bracket bearing set. Great shop, great mechanic, amazing stock of parts.

River boat



From our hotel room in Regensburg

Ferry through the Danube Gorge

Ice cream


5 thoughts on “Vienna to the Netherlands 4”

  1. It looks wonderful.. Enjoy your trip and hope to see you soon in The Netherlands. Love Fredie

  2. Hello Inge and Roy
    Wow, your bikes are so organised, looks fantastic. The photos are beautiful. I also love the one of the sandy road, wish I was there too. Happy cycling days ahead…until next time.

  3. hope it is finer weather going forward. that last photo – road looked like pure sand! Have enjoyed Danube too!!

  4. Een geweldige reis en een bijzonder gedetailleerd verslag.
    We hebben er veel van opgestoken.
    Ook jullie uithoudingsvermogen is geweldig, we zijn jaloers.
    Bedankt voor alle verslagen en schitterende foto’s.

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