A day of rest indeed…

Well it seems it takes a day off for me to finally blog; other days I’ve just been too tired. Fortunately Roy has done a great job of keeping you up to date. And thank you to those of you who responded to Roy’s request and prompted me to write!

Today was a day of sleeping in, a late and big (by French standards) breakfast, some chores and a walk through town and enjoying the stores, particularly les patisseries et les epicuries. There is one store in town that sells hundreds of amazing sausages, cheeses, wines and chocolate. Your mouth waters when you walk in. Of course we are limited In how much we can carry but I just HAD to buy something in this store, so I bought some cheese, an Abondance, a cheese from this region. Tomorrow morning we’ll stop at the boulangerie (which open at 6:30 a.m.!) to get some baguette et brioche. That should get us started and keep us going for a while.

Tomorrow will be a long day: 23 km and a total of 1800 m up, 500 m down. However, with my sprained toe, up is easier for me than down at the moment, or so I keep telling myself.

Off to bed soon, after a great dinner, some entertainment and fun people watching.