A month in Nice

Saturday morining we left Nice after a wonderful month. It was sad to leave, like reaching the end of a Camino. We improved our French, became very comfortable in Nice, met great people, explored some nearby cities and towns, enjoyed mostly fine weather, and fell into a pleasant daily routine of four hours in the classroom, some homework, a good meal out, a walk by the sea and life in France. I think we’ll be back to do it again.

Here are a few photos of Nice and nearby places.

8 thoughts on “A month in Nice”

  1. Such a wondrous adventure you have created for yourselves. Life is Good. Blessings for the next leg of your journey.

  2. Wonderful photos of a wonderful area. Brings back a whole lot of fine memories!

    See you soon after your Holland visitation.


  3. I had no desire to visit Nice, but now I do. Were you taking an actual class there?

    • Hi Dixie,

      The first time I visited Nice, I wasn’t looking forward to it. That was in 2009 and I went to Nice only because it was the spot to catch a ferry to Corsica.

      I discovered a busting city with a lovely old town, a great market, a beautiful beach and a warm Mediterranean climate. It has lots of tourists, but the shops and restaurants are friendly, even at the end of the tourist season.

      We took classes at the Nice Alliance Française. AF is a worldwide organization and I’ve taken classes at AF in Vancouver, so I had some idea of what to expect. The teachers at AF Nice were outstanding, the facilities were good, and the value was very good. A Google search will return lots of language schools in Nice and the surrounding area.

      Glad to give you more info if you are considering going to Nice to study French.

  4. Wonderful photos and wonderful memories. A little slice of paradise which will call you back. I hope all goes well in Holland and look forward to seeing you before too long.


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