A short update

We survived the snow! After a difficult day of walking in snow that sometimes drifted waist deep, we took a shuttle bus the next day (still snowing) to get down from the Massif Central into rain rather than snow.

Since then we’ve been too tired, or too busy, or having long dinners with other walkers to find time to post anything to the blog. The weather has improved with one day warm enough to walk in shorts and t-shirt. Rain today but back to sunshine and warm temperatures tomorrow.

We’ve also been slower than expected due to some problems with my (Roy) right hip. It seems to be muscular rather than the joint and is starting to clear up, but we are revising some of the long stages we had planned.

Thanks to everyone for the comments. I’ll post a full writeup with lots of photos when I’m home in May.

5 thoughts on “A short update”

  1. Hope things are going well and the hip problem has cleard up.
    Best wishes, Blake

  2. HI!

    Well SNOW! You might be interested that we also had snow in Vancouver and Victoria!. Only lated for a few ours. I didn’t have to do any walking.

    Not much going on here except that COVID seems to be everywhere. We’ve all been warned that eventually everyone will have some variant or another! Such fun!

    I’m not doing anything interesting except finding time to continue tossing out unuseful stuff. Your paining is safe, however.


  3. You two do have great adventures! Looking forward to the next time we can get together.

  4. We’ve had a bit of snow here in Beaverlodge as well, but that’s not unsusual at this time of year. But waist deep drifts!!?? Oh my. Roy, let the sunshine warm up that hip. Take care, both of you.

  5. Take care and we hope the sun comes to warm you . We’ve had wacky weather in Vancouver so we can relate to stories of snow!

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