Almost there

BIRU-WP-20150731T130019GMT-0200.jpgDays 78 to 81, Wednesday July 29 to Saturday August 1

Guess where we are!

In the last week we cycled south through Germany to Emden and took a ferry across an inlet to the Netherlands.

The weather has changed; it now feels more like summer. Although it is still cool and often cloudy, the sun has come back, the rain is less and the winds have dropped.

We are in Groningen taking a day off, our first rest day in several weeks. It is a bigger city than we’ve been in for a few weeks, a lively university town with history and old buildings. It feels very Dutch and very comfortable.

8 thoughts on “Almost there”

  1. Congratulations are in order for sure, you two mighty cyclists! What a stellar trip, and it was glorious to travel along with you. Although, somehow, I didn’t manage to end up in the superb shape the two of you are in. Inge, you look triumphant in the sunshine with your beer and bitterballen in front of you. Cheers to each of you!


  2. WOW! You guys ROCK! Very inspiring and fun to have travelled along with you on this amazing adventure. Thanks for the blog. Sounds like Happy Birthday wishes are in order to GOOD FOR YOU Roy! What will do next year? Any body’s guess!! Nothing (so to speak) is okay too…… your wonderful home awaits you…. your own bed and pillow will probably feel like gold!

  3. I will gladly trade you all the sunshine we have for all the rain you may encounter.

  4. Applaus ???? Jullie zijn er bijna. Welkom in ons bitterballenlandje ?? en het zonnetje zal de hele week voor jullie schijnen. Tot gauw ?

  5. You look pretty happy and relaxed in your photos. Congratulations on being nearly there! I hope the sun shines on you for the remainder of the trip.

    • Me too! Today was warm, sunny and the wind was gentle. Tomorrow starts a new decade and perhaps today was a good omen.

  6. We hebben gezorgd voor.mooi weer op het laatste stuk van jullie rit
    Veel plezier.nog en…….niet te veel bitterballen eten inge ☺

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