Australia Day 12 & 13 More Perth Highlights

Saturday morning was time to pick up our camper. Gail was off to the airport to pick her up son, Dylan, and his girlfriend, who were coming home for holidays. We headed downtown by bus and train, got the camper van, explored parts of Perth and did some some shopping. Considering the heat and the amazing range of colourful summer clothing here, I just had to buy a couple of summer dresses.

By now we were pro’s at making our way home from downtown and arrived back at Gail’s without a problem sometime in the afternoon. Driving our old little camper van was’t quite the same experience as driving her deluxe Lexus. Once home, it was very nice to meet Dylan after all these years. That evening the five of us headed to ‘Freo’ (elsewhere known as Freemantle). The waterfront area was packed with market and food stalls and people. Everyone seemed out that night. Despite the many food stalls, we opted for a meal tapas-style at “Little Creatures”, a microbrewery and restaurant. The mussles in garlic butter and white wine sauce were fantastic.

Sunday Roy and I headed over to Rottnest Island (a.k.a. “Rotty”) for a bike ride. It was still very hot, but cycling we at least got a bit of breeze. We did a relaxed tour around the island and made it to the West End, or Cape Vlamingh, as it’s also called, and enjoyed the view of the bue-green ocean, beaches, and plants. Around 2:30 pm we arrived back at Thomson Bay, had a snack and recovered in the shade before catching the ferry back at 4:30 p.m. On the otherside Dylan and Emma were waiting for us and drove us home, where Gail had been busy making a picnic dinner. As soon as Roy and I had had a quick shower, the five of us headed once again to Kings Park, this time to watch a movie. One of the great things about living in a warm climate is that you can safely organize outdoor activities without worrying about being weathered out. One such activity is the ‘outdoor cinema’, of which Perth has several. Armed with blankets, pillows, food, and wine, we settled on the lawn in front of the big screen around 6:30 p.m. The temperature had dropped and was perfect; the sun was slowy setting; the moon almost full. We ate, drank, talked, laughed, and people watched. By 8 p.m. it was dark. With everybody settled in–rented bean-bag were a popular option for watching the moview–we enjoyed “The Butler” under a starry sky. It was our last evening in Perth. Tomorrow we will hit the road for a tour of south-west Western Australia.

5 thoughts on “Australia Day 12 & 13 More Perth Highlights”

  1. What a cosy way to see a film 🙂 je schrijft geweldig Inge. Op zijn Hollands gezegd in geuren en kleuren. Ik proef de mosselen met knoflook en hoor de vogels en ruik de ziltige lucht. Ben er nooit geweest maar zoals je t schrijft kan je t haast lijfelijk meegenieten. Wat een heerlijke vakantie hebben jullie. En die camper, geweldig. Geniet ervan saampjes. Knuf van ons en ook aan Roy. Zijn foto’s vind ik prachtig!

    • Het was inderdaad heel knus en gezellig om zo een film te zien. Bedankt voor je leuke berichtje! De mosselen waren inderdaad geweldig.


  2. Oh what a lovely life style: cycling on a picturesque island, sauntering down to the beach for a picnic, watching a movie under the stars!

    Oh you two make me salivate as I look forward to a -30 degree night and oh yes, I must remember to plug in my car if I’m to go anywhere in the morning. But your stories and photos warm me so keep them coming.


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