Australia Day 24

Thursday December 26

Boxing Day. A walk on the beach by the campground to start the day, then a short drive south of Albany to cape that forms a harbour for the city. We were in the same area on Tuesday.

First a stop at the wind farm. Not that wind farms are a big attraction, but this one is on a beautiful part of the coast with a good track to walk. The coast there is a high cliff over a beautiful but mostly inaccessible beach. The track is the end of the Bibbulmun, a 975km track that starts near Perth. It is a long coastal walk and this is the wrong time of year to walk it–too hot, spring or fall are better.

After a walk we headed to Whaling Cove. It has a beautiful beach we had seen on Thursday and we wanted a swim in the South Ocean before heading back to Perth. The west end of the beach is unofficially clothing optional and we skinny-dipped in the blue green water of the almost deserted cove.

When we returned to the caravan park this afternoon we found a lineup of people arriving. Until today the park wasn’t full, but today, the day after Christmas, the start of the summer holiday, it is almost full. We did well to reserve a space in advance.

Tomorrow we head back to Perth.