Australia Day 9, en route to Perth

After a lazy few days on the Gold Coast with Sara, we are again at an airport, this time waiting to start our journey across the country to Perth.

It has been relaxing–time on the beach and in the ocean, lots of talking, good dinners and yesterday a trip to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary to see captive wildlife. I'm not a fan of zoos, but one visit in a new country is a good way to learn about the local animals. Lots of rescued koalas, sad kangaroos, fearsome snakes, nasty crocodiles and school kids.

The ocean on the Gold Coast has been a treat. Endless uncrowded white sand beaches with surf to play in. At about 18º the locals think the water is cold but to Canucks it is inviting. I never swim in the ocean at home but here it is one of the best things. Tomorrow we can swim in the Indian Ocean!






3 thoughts on “Australia Day 9, en route to Perth”

  1. Except that the ears of the kaola bear are pointed downward instead of upward, she looks exactly like Megan’s manx cat who is sitting on my lap purring. We are now officially in snow land, the sun dancing on the flakes like fallen stars. Wendy

  2. 18 degrees?? I didn’t realize you were on an extreme sports holiday! Pool currently at 28C…waiting for you when you come to your senses

  3. It sounds great, especially since we’ve just gone through a cold spell in Victoria with dustings of snow. But aren’t you worried about sharks?

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