Australia Days 2 and 3

Friday Dec 6

Killing time at the Sydney Airport. Up at 5:00 this morning to head here for our flight to the Gold Coast. Flight cancelled. Air travel in Australia can be like winter air travel in Canada–here it is thunderstorms rather than snow storms that disrupt air travel. Last night the storms grounded many flights. This morning Virgin Air had to cancel flights due to lack of aircraft in the right place at the right time. The next available flight is at 7:00 this evening. We opted for a noon flight to Brisbane instead and Sara will pick us up there.

Wednesday we did the Manly thing ;-), a trip to Manly, not far from Sydney. We took a bus to the Spit bridge and walked about 10 km along the coast to Manly, the same walk we did a year ago but this time in the opposite direction. Lots of Eastern Water Dragons (big grey or green lizards), bush and white sand beaches. Then a ferry back to Sydney.

Wednesday night we had a great Thai dinner with friends. Later that night it rained hard, although I slept soundly.

My jet lag was finally gone on Thursday. We set off for separate walks in warm sunny weather and met up at Bondi Beach in the afternoon, just in time for the weather to change to black clouds and strong winds that cleared the busy beach in a few minutes. The blowing sand stung and the temperature dropped 10 º. No rain and in a few hours it cleared again.

Here are some photos from Wednesday:

Eastern Water Dragon


Sydney from the ferry