Day 4 – GR65, the le Puy Camino

We have been in Europe for two weeks, mostly visiting friends and family in the Netherlands and enjoying unusually warm and sunny weather. Last Sunday we went by train from Amsterdam to Le Puy en Velay in France, about 100 km southwest of Lyon, to begin a 30-day walk to St. Jean Pied de Porte … more

Days 87 and 88: the end of the journey

Friday, August 7 to Leiden and Saturday, August 8, to Kijkduin (where we started on May 13) Friday was a good day cycling south through the port and steel mill city of IJmuiden and the endless dunes on the coast. We stayed the night in Leiden with Inge’s nephew, Maurits. Saturday was another good day … more

Almost there

Days 78 to 81, Wednesday July 29 to Saturday August 1 Guess where we are! In the last week we cycled south through Germany to Emden and took a ferry across an inlet to the Netherlands. The weather has changed; it now feels more like summer. Although it is still cool and often cloudy, the … more

Germany, Days 70 to 77

Tuesday July 21 to Tuesday July 28 We were in Denmark when I last wrote. Thursday (July 23) we crossed to Germany. In the six days we’ve been in Germany we have travelled most of the German North Sea coast by bike and ferry. Today we are two days from entering the Netherlands, only about … more

Denmark, days 63 to 69

Tuesday July 14 to Monday July 20 Since arriving a week ago on the east side of Danish Jutland (the peninsula that forms the main part of Denmark), we cycled north to Skagen, the most northerly part of Denmark, then turned south. We are now cycling down the west coast of Denmark toward Germany. Jutland … more