Samoëns—Our first week on the GR5

A week ago tomorrow we caught a flight to Geneva from Amsterdam, followed by a 1-hour bus ride to Thonon-les-Bains on the south shore of Lake Geneva. From there we started the GR5 the next day. On the flight and bus we noticed a guy with a backpack, also headed to Thonon. Turns out, he … more

Half Way on the Camino

Yesterday I passed the half-way point kilometer-wise; today the geographical halfway point. The walking has been good as has the weather. The only rain so far was leaving the town of Burgos a few days ago. It rained steadily for several hours. Fortunately it stopped long before I reached my destination, so I didn’t arrive soaking … more

Camino pictures

Some pictures from the last few days. The trick seems to be to do this first thing in the morning when no one else is using the wifi.  

Day 9 and first 200km done

Day 5 – Estrelle Two more days of nice walking through beautiful country, most of in the company of my Dutch and Danish walking friends. Great weather but it does get hot by noon. Tomorrow we should have some clouds and they’re forecasting rain, but only 2-3mm. Have met a few Canadians so far. Am … more

First three days on the Camino

Day 3 and in Pamplona. The day before I started was rainy and and overnight a lot of rain. Fortunately that stopped by morning. However, up in the mountains it had snowed which made for a beautiful walk. It was cold so I kept walking and arrived at Roncesvalles in just I under 6:30hrs. A … more