Back soon

We are taking a break to visit friends and family. I won’t post much on the blog until September 5 when we start the Coast to Coast walk in the UK.

Here are a few photos from the last few days:

2 thoughts on “Back soon”

  1. Looking forward to your next walk, and photos! Getting ready for Ireland trip on Wednesday… on to Scotland on Sept. 6th and driving towards London and area… booked for sure on Sept. 14/15 in London – will let you know other stops as they develop – our paths may cross!

  2. Hi Inge and Roy! So nice to keep in touch as you journey. The coast to coast walk looks thrilling–looking forward to your photos and comments.

    It’s been interesting to review your previous pictures and posts–you certainly have covered a lot of varied territory in a relativley short time. I love travelling with you!

    I’m leaving next week for Ireland, so I likely will have to wait until my return in
    mid September to “catch up” to you. Have a wonderful walk.


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