I spent the last week in Bologna. A wonderful university city. Much smaller than Milan, old, scenic and great for walking.

Like the Netherlands, the weather has been cold and sometimes wet. Forunately, I have good wet weather gear.

It has been a busy week and I haven’t taken many photos. I arrived in good weather on Saturday evening (Apr 23), spent Sunday and Monday looking around the city, and spend Tuesday through Friday attending a language school. It is Friday evening as I write this, and tomorrow, Apriil 30 I will take a morning train to Florence.

I haven’t learned enough Italian to be of much use, but at least the language makes more sense to me now, I have a few basic words and feel more confident traveling here. I highly recommend the school and although it was insense, I enjoyed it.

Here are a few photos—

4 thoughts on “Bologna”

  1. Now I want to go to Italian school in Bologna! And buy things to eat at that store!

  2. Roy, the photos make me want to be there on the tour with you. Well done, as usual. The food – mmm. And I am envious of the rain.


  3. Bellissime Fotografie Roy ! Looks like you are off to a great start to your trip.

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