Budapest to Vienna 2

2013.06,16 Sunday, Györ, Hungary
I am slowly making my way to Vienna. Slowly because I have more time than I need to arrive in time to meet Inge on Thursday. Yesterday I rode on the Slovak side of the river, mostly in farmland and small towns, then detoured across the river to pretty Györ. About 65 km.

Today, a second day in Györ. Went for a ride in the surrounding countryside this morning and now I’m having a lazy afternoon. The town has a large, well-used pedestrian-only area full of bars and cafés. As in Budapest, the streets fill late in the afternoon and on into the evening as everyone comes out for a stroll, a pastry, an ice cream or a beer. It feels festive and friendly.

The town had flooding three or four metres above the current river level. It is amazing and frightening to look at the high water mark.

Rather than describe it in words, here are some photos. They don’t all need captions.

20130616-163743.jpgStork nest on the way to Györ

20130616-163912.jpgSquare in Györ






20130616-164330.jpgChildren in the fountain in the main square.

20130616-164509.jpgMess from the flood

20130616-164559.jpgFlood water reached the sandbags at the top of the wall

20130616-164654.jpgThe dark band at the top of the wall on the right shows the peak of the flood. The street in the background was under water and has since been partly cleaned.

2 thoughts on “Budapest to Vienna 2”

  1. Hi Roy, I was keen to see pictures of Slovakia since that is my family heritage. Loved the poppies on the side of the road. The aftermath of the flooding is unbelievable. Thank you especially for those photos. As usual, your photos are worth a thousand words.

    I’ll be thinking of you as you meet up with Inge on Thursday. Happy travels.


  2. Love those stork nests. What a fun fountain with the selzer bottle in the middle. Had a great Skype call with Inge this afternoon. It was super catching up on all your news and hearing of your plans for the final leg of your bike adventure into Holland.
    Aloha, Bill & Gretchen

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