A Philosophy of Walking by Frédéric Gros

A book recommendation for winter nights in the northern hemisphere. (Those of you in the southern hemisphere can file this away until your summer is over.) A Philosophy of Walking is a thoughtful and beautifully written book by French philosopher Frédéric Gros. The book is a mixture of his own thoughts and his commentary on … more

Avoid fx fees—travel cheaper.

(Updated June 2020 to remove Rogers and Fido Mastercards which now only rebate fx fees on US currency.) Canadian banks love it when you travel. When you travel outside Canada and use your credit card or withdraw cash from an ATM, your bank converts the amount you charge or withdraw into Canadian dollars at a … more

Reading foreign language websites

We are planning trips for later this year. I’m reading websites in French and Spanish. My French is rusty and my Spanish is limited. Sometimes I’d like to magically translate the whole web page, or even better, the whole website, to my language. At the risk of everyone telling me “Didn’t you already know that?”, … more

Book air travel directly with the airline

We arrived back in Vancouver last Friday, August 12. The trip home was easy, but arranging it took hours on the phone and was frustrating. The problems we had result from booking our flights through Expedia, a travel company, rather directly with the airline. Lesson learned: book air travel directly with the airline. Once a … more

Apps for travel

Some handy applications to have on your phone when you travel. Part two of our series on using your phone in Europe. Part one is about Taking your phone to Europe.   Finding your way Maps.me A free Android and IOS app that runs completely off-line—unlike Google Maps, Maps.me doesn’t need mobile data or a … more