Coast to Coast – Half way

We are in the tiny village of Keld tonight, half way through the C2C. The countryside is lovely, people are friendly and, given that we are in the wettest part of the UK, the weather has been fairly good.

The days have been long. The daily distances are longer than the hikes in France and Italy, although there is less climbing, and progress is slow because the path is boggy in places making us spend lots of time looking for ways through the mud. Also, the route has almost no way-marking so we are constantly checking the guide book for directions through the maze of paths.

Here are a few photos from the last week. (Click on a photo to see it full size, use the arrow keys to go to the next or previous photo.)

Coast to Coast days 8 to 10

September 13, 14 and 15. (Posted a day later.)

Hello from the tiny town of Danby Wiske. We have crossed the Pennines, and now we are in flat country East of Richmond. The hills of the Yorkshire Moors lie ahead. We have left behind the endless stone walls and now have hedge rows separating fields. The buildings have changed from stone with slate roofs to brick with tile roofs. Agriculture has changed to include large fields of crops rather than only free-range grazing. The weather has been mixed, but generally good. Today was sun, no wind, no rain, warm enough to walk in a T shirt.

This flat area is a bit boring and monotonous. The moors ahead are inviting. Only five days left!

Some photos from the last three days:

Coast to Coast days 11 – 15

September 16 – 20

Here are some photos from the last five days of the Coast to Coast. Varied countryside, most of it moors. We enjoyed this part of the walk the best; the moors had a special feeling of remoteness and the weather was mostly good.