Queyras days 1 to 4

We are having a rest day in St. Veran after three very good days of hiking in sunny weather. We are in the Queyras region of France, doing a slightly modified version of the GR58 route. Most people start in Ceillac and make it an eight to ten day loop. We started in Montdauphin which … more

Queyras days 5 and 6

Day 5 (Aug 13) St.-Véran to Refuge Agnet Good day with good weather and some good alpine walking. There was thunder and lightning last night, but no rain. We took the optional higher route out of St.-Véran. This involved a bit of early climbing, but then took us along an old canal route for easy … more

Queyras days 7 to 9

Queyras day 7 (Aug 15) Ref la Monta to Abriès A 900m climb from refuge la Monta in the Guil valley to a panoramic summit, a ridge walk along the Collette de Gilly, and an easy descent to the small town of Abriès, in the same valley, about 80m lower than we started, all in … more

Queyras days 10 and 11, end of the hike.

Hello from Montdauphin. We finished the hike today, a day early. We combined two planned short days into one long day and avoided wasting a sunny afternoon sitting in Brunissard,  a town with little appeal. Today we are back in the hotel we stayed in on August 8, the day before we started the walk. … more