To Turkey

2013-05-03 Friday At 35000 feet headed to Amsterdam. Somewhere below me in the baggage hold my bicycle should be stowed along with my panniers. They are checked through to Izmir Turkey; I don’t have to deal with them on my overnight stop in Istanbul. It has been a smooth day so far. I didn’t expect … more

Cycling in Turkey, day 3

2013-05-08 Wednesday Day three of the organized bike ride in Turkey. Eight of us on the ride plus the organizers. A good group – not too big, interesting people, all experienced riders. The country is dry and hot, although today was cool and cloudy with a few drops of rain. The Turks are friendly and … more

Cycling in Turkey, days 4 to 7

Roy wears the silly hat We are having a rest day in Bodrum. That’s me in the silly hat. It is a helmet cover. Each day one of the ride leaders selects a victim to wear the hat; a few days ago it was my turn. You only need wear it for the first few … more

Cycling in Turkey, Day 8

We are in the small seaside town of Oren after an 80 km ride from Bodrum. I should not have been so smug yesterday about escaping thunderstorms. We spent this afternoon riding in one. The morning was lovely with some cloud against the hills. At lunch the clouds turned dark, the wind came up and … more

Cycling in Turkey, Day 9

We are in Akyaka, another small seaside town, a 50 km ride from Oren. Another big thunderstorm this afternoon, but it was down the bay from us and we only got a few sprinkles. We are here for three nights. Day excursions tomorrow and Thursday, then Friday we go our separate ways. It seems too … more