Vienna to the Netherlands 1

Our first day cycling together along the Danube. We used the cycling route on the south side of the river for the day. It has been cleaned up and except for about 50 m, was easy to ride. The short part still under water had a paved path as a detour. We did 106 km … more

Vienna to the Netherlands 2

2013.06.24 Monday, Wallsee, Austria A change in the weather. It has been warm and sunny, 36 degrees in Vienna last week. Last night a cold front arrived with wind and rain. The forecast high for today was 13 degrees. It rained all day, hard at times. We did 74 km, happy we have wet weather … more

Vienna to the Netherlands 3

We are in Germany, last night in Passau and tonight in Bogen. Passau is a lovely city at the junction of three rivers: the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz. Because so much water comes into the Danube at one point, Passau suffered terrible flooding three weeks ago. Near the river the water rose more … more

Vienna to the Netherlands 4

It has been a busy four days, three dry and one very wet. We are in Ulm, our last day on the Danube. Tomorrow we take a train to Esslingen near Stuttgart to begin cycling north along the Nekar river which will take us to the Rhine. It feels sad to leave the Danube after … more

Vienna to the Netherlands 5

2013.07.02 Tuesday, Marbach, Germany We started the day in Ulm on the Danube with a good breakfast in our hotel in the centre of town. We met a couple at the hotel from Perth traveling on a Cannondale tandem with a Bob trailer for luggage. They are headed for Vienna, on to Prague, then Switzerland … more