E-maps for travel

We’ve all heard of ebooks. For travel they are convenient; load up an iPad or Kindle with books, read them anywhere, no internet connection needed, and save weight and space. You can do the same with maps thanks to Maps.Me, an inexpensive iPhone and iPad app, which uses the Open Street Map, a free worldwide … more

Take your mobile phone to Europe

This is part one of two posts on traveling with your phone. (Part two is about Apps for travel.) This post is written from a Canadian perspective for people traveling to Europe, but applies to most travel. Updated March 2019. What are my options? Cheap: get a SIM card with a European phone number and a … more

Apps for travel

Some handy applications to have on your phone when you travel. Part two of our series on using your phone in Europe. Part one is about Taking your phone to Europe.   Finding your way Maps.me A free Android and IOS app that runs completely off-line—unlike Google Maps, Maps.me doesn’t need mobile data or a … more

Standard Ebooks

When I travel, I do lots of reading. It fills in time on planes and trains. Although I like paper books, my reading when I travel is all ebooks. Here is a great discovery—free, classic, out-of-copyright books in high quality ebook format: Standard Ebooks is a volunteer driven, not-for-profit project that produces lovingly formatted, open … more