Two weeks to go!

GR5 route, lac Léman to the Med Two weeks today we leave for Geneva and a few days later we will begin our walk of the French section of the GR5 from Thonon les Bains on lac Léman to Menton on the Mediterranean. It is about 675 km (420 miles) through the Alps and should … more

Ready to go

We are almost packed and set to go. Tomorrow evening we are off to Geneva. Roy


The photo is from the waterfront in Geneva looking west on Sunday evening. The Alps are in the distance. It is Monday. Good trip here although long; about 21 hours from our house to the hostel in Geneva. Everything worked well and everyone was very helpful. We used public transit to get to YVR and … more


Hello from France. Very relaxed trip here on the old steam powered ferry in the photo. It was built in 1915 – 1920 and has been beautifully restored. We arrived about 1:00 and in a few hours had our mobile phones set up with French numbers, enjoyed a good lunch and got most of the … more


The last three days have been long and tiring–no time for blogging. Also, I’m now sending posts only when I have wifi access–too expensive using the mobile data network, so posts may arrive in batches. On with the story! Day 3, Dent d’Oche to La Chapell d’Abondance The day began with a 500m descent from … more