Summer plans: the North Sea Cycle Route

We are off on May 8th to Europe in May for four months, cycling and visiting. We’ll spend three months cycling around the North Sea:   Our route will take us through eight countries. We start at The Hague in the Netherlands and head south through Belgium and just into France. Then across the Channel by ferry … more

Three Weeks

Three weeks from now we’ll be in the Netherlands. We’ll start cycling on May 13 with a ride from The Hague to Burgh-Haamstede in Zeeland, south of Rotterdam. It should be an easy and scenic day hopping from island to island in the southwest of the Netherlands. Easy unless there is a headwind. Or very easy if there is a … more

The North Sea Cycle Route in context

Our route this summer, North Sea Cycle Route, is also know as the EuroVelo 12. It is one of 14 long-distance cycling routes established by the EU and the European Cycling Federation. The network totals about 70,000km. Click on the map to see it on the EuroVelo site and check out the EV home page for more information … more

In Europe

We arrived at Schipol Airport on Saturday. The passport control officer asked me only one question: “Why are you here?” I thought “Wow. The Dutch ask the big questions. I’m still trying to answer that one.” But I quickly realized she wanted to know the purpose of my visit. I replied “Vacation.” She stamped my … more

The Hague to Bruges, days 1 to 3

Two days of cycling and today in Bruges seeing the town. Our first day was almost too good…perfect weather and good cycling through dunes, forest, and pretty towns, mostly on bike paths. About 84km to Burgh Haamstede, a small town in Zeeland. We stayed in a B and B and slept well. Yesterday, our second … more