NZ – a closing post

The NZ blog ended abruptly without finishing the story. A month late, here is the last instalment. The rest of our week in Auckland was low key but included two more excursions with Mike and LIz. Saturday we spent a sunny day on Waiheke Island, just a 45 minute ferry ride from Auckland Harbour. It … more

More news and a few photos

Since writing from Apollo Bay, we have been on the move. We did more bushwalking and a beach hike, drove further west on the Great Coast Road, and finally headed back to Melbourne for our last two days in Australia. From Melbourne we took a three-hour flight to Auckland last Sunday. We are now in … more

Merry Christmas

Hi from Apollo Beach on the Great Ocean Road west of Melbourne. We spent Christmas Day doing a bush walk in the morning, a lazy nap in the early afternoon, a beach walk mid-afternoon, and a surprisingly good dinner at the crazy-busy only restaurant open in town today. Not our usual Christmas Day, but we … more

G’day from ‘Gong

We are in Wollongong, called Gong by the locals. Tuesday we took a short but very early flight from the Gold Coat back to Sydney, picked up a rental car and drove out to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. We did a short bush walk that afternoon and a longer one in … more