Off to Australia and New Zealand

It is wet, dark and dreary here, but we are leaving tomorrow night to spend the rest of December in Australia followed by a week in New Zealand. No big plans, just visiting and enjoying the sunshine. Inge has a conference for the first few days in Sydney, then we fly to the Gold Coast … more

G’day from Sydney

We arrived Tuesday after a good flight and have been enjoying Sydney. Good weather. Lots to see. Very comfortable place. The obligatory city and Opera House photos After wandering around the city on Tuesday and a good night’s sleep, on Wednesday we took a ferry to Manly and did a lovely shore walk through parks … more

More Sydney photos

We are on the Gold Coast now, but here are few more Sydney photos before I move on. The weather in Sydney turned cool and very windy for our last few days, but we still got out on foot and by ferry. Sydney on a windy day from Manly Christmas party Bondi Beach fisherman near … more

Gold Coast

On Tuesday we took a short ( about 1:20) flight north from Sydney to the Gold Coast where my daughter Sara lives. Its about 100km south of Brisbane. We made it from the airport to Sara’s in our rental car on the “wrong” side of the road with Inge at the wheel. The major problem … more

Springbrook Park Walk

Time is flying by and I’ve been too busy having fun to post very munch. Here are some photos from a forest (bush they call it here) walk in Springbrook National Park, about an hour drive inland from the Gold Coast. This bush area is on a plateau. Very lush and full of the sounds … more