Offa’s Dyke Path Days 1 and 2

Offa’s Dyke Path is a walking trail that roughly follows the full length of the border between Wales and England for 285 km from the Severn Estuary in the South to the Irish Sea in the North. The dyke is an earthen wall along parts of the border, built about 1000 years ago by the … more

Offa’s Dyke Path Days 3 to 6

In some ways the last few days have been alike: walking through the countryside, sheep, hills, views from the hill tops, villages in the valleys. Good weather. But each day was different. Day three was a climb to a long ridge walk in the Black Mountains, well away from roads and fields, into heather and … more

Offa’s Dyke Path Days 7 to 12

Yesterday I finished the walk, arriving at Prestatyn, a holiday town on the Irish Sea. The weather during the second half of the walk was wonderful—no rain, warm, every day a mix of sun and cloud. Ironically, this morning walking to the station for the train to Manchester the weather was cold with low cloud … more