Change of plans

“Well, you’ve really broken that!” said the doctor holding the x-ray as she came to see us in the waiting room.

We had a good day cycling to Saumur on Sunday, good hotel, dinner on the square by the river, a free concert in the square. Inge went up to buy a CD from the band, then stepped back on what seemed like a level surface only to fall on a hidden step and break her wrist.

She is doing well after surgery on Monday and a night in the hospital. It will be several months before she can ride a bike again. She’s now a bionic woman with three screws in her wrist (they will come out in six weeks).

The people at the little hotel here (Sohotel by the river) have been very generous and helpful. Tomorrow we head to Amsterdam by train, Thursday we return with a rented van to get the bikes, stay another night in this hotel, then drive back to Amsterdam on Friday. We will spend the next week in the Netherlands and are hoping to get a flight home on August 12.

We’ll be back in France to finish this ride.

(The photo is a view from the Sohotel near sunset.)

28 thoughts on “Change of plans”

  1. That must have been quite a tumble, and a real bomber, Inge! We’re sorry to hear of this and are hoping that you’ve gotten over much of the pain and discomfort. Thad and I have always enjoyed reading your blogs and your exciting adventures around Europe. Roy certainly does a fine job of writing about it in details and with accompanying pictures, we thought it is the next best thing to actually being there; how we envy your youth and energy! We hope you continue to heal beautifully, and are looking forward to hear of your next riding experience. Remember us to Melle Jr. and Phan next time you see them, and much love and tight hugs to all of you, from us –

    Tina and Thad

  2. Wat een pech Inge, jammer om zo je vakantieplannen te moeten veranderen maar geniet nog een weekje van Nederland en het belangrijkste een goed herstel toegewenst zodat jullie over een tijdje weer lekker kunnen fietsen.
    Jullie zijn hier altijd welkom hoor.
    Gisteren zijn Menno en Roos met de kinderen weer vertrokken naar Trondheim waar zij nu wonnen.
    Hartelijke groet, Toos en Jan.

  3. Ahhh nee toch Wat ontzettend balen voor jullie zeg Wij hopen dat je pols weer mooi geneest en dat jullie deze trip binnenkort over kunnen doen

  4. NOOOOOOO! Inge, do mend rapidly!!! Maybe you could do some physio by holding a full beer glass and lifting it to mouth level? If repeated enough, you will forget all about the broken wrist;) Love ya, sis!!!!

  5. O, wat zonde……. net je nieuwe fiets en nu moet je terug. Hoop dat je niet te veel pijn hebt en het snel geneest zodat jullie de trip af kunnen maken. Zie of hoor je vast nog wel even als je in Nederland bent.

  6. Aaaarrrgh! May I recommend Symphytum. A homeopathic bone knitter I used on my broken shoulder. It was completely healed in under 5 weeks. Sending you a big hug!

  7. Oh my goodness, I am so sorry to hear you hurt yourself so badly Inge … and I’m sure you’re both disappointed with this unexpected change in plans. Sending you huge, loving hugs he full of healing energy. Be well my friend and I’ll see you soon.

  8. We were so saddened to learn of Inge’s accident, but relieved the surgery was successful and wish her all the best with the recovery. It was terrific to visit with you both over Canada Day weekend and hear the plans for your trip and all about your gorgeous, unique new bikes. We understand how very disappointing the sudden change of plans are for you, but know you will make the best of it and just postpone for a better time. Aloha, Bill & Gretchen Honolulu

  9. Sorry to learn of your accident Inge – all that cycling and you break bones buying a CD. Hope it heals well.

    Best wishes,

    Dave & Jen

  10. OH NO, Inge!! My heart just fell for you when I read the news. I shall send you the best healing energy I can muster. Be well, my friend.

  11. Very sorry to hear about Inge’s accident.
    I’m sure it will heal well, but it must hugely disappointing to have your travel plans postponed.

    Our best wishes to you both,

    George & Lynda

  12. So sorry to hear this news. Get well soon, Inge!! You have been on my mind as one of my grandsons and grand niece will be doing a flying trapeze class next week. I remember coming to your Circus School performance and watching you flying through the air!!

  13. Well, isn’t that the way life goes! Here you are biking all over the countryside without any trouble and the injury comes when walking!! It will be good to have you here but I know that isn’t at all what you had planned. I hope it heal quickly and you can resume the biking!


  14. Inge:

    Our hearts go out to you. Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery.

  15. Hope you get better soon Inge! What a fantastic photo of the town. Wish I were out and about having adventures. I’m sure you’ll be back on your bike soon.

  16. Ouch! Sorry to hear your news , and so early in the trip! Look after that wrist Inge , don’t go testing it out too early 🙂
    Hope you have a good trip home and some fun planning your trip all over again.

  17. What?!?!?!

    I am very sorry to hear this!

    On the upside, you can come walking with us again. 🙂

  18. Whoa, so sorry to hear about your wrist Inge. That for sharing the beautiful view from your hotel. I was glad that it was a good day until the misstep.

  19. How unfortunate for you Inge. Hopefully your healing time will go quickly and you’ll be back on the bike again. I’m sure Roy will be a great carer.

  20. “Oh, Bother”, said Pooh.
    So sorry to hear that. I hope the rest of the journey brings happy wonderful surprises that would not have been possible without this change in plans.

    Here is to a lovely redo on the France leg. (ankle)

  21. I am so sorry. What a disappointment, but also a new adventure. Glad to know she is doing well after surgery. Please say hello from me. Dixie

  22. So sorry to hear the news about Inge. I can relate having broken my wrist a couple of years ago and now living with a titanium plate to hold it all together. Take good care of Inge and have a safe journey home!

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