Coast to Coast days 11 – 15

September 16 – 20

Here are some photos from the last five days of the Coast to Coast. Varied countryside, most of it moors. We enjoyed this part of the walk the best; the moors had a special feeling of remoteness and the weather was mostly good.

4 thoughts on “Coast to Coast days 11 – 15”

    • It would be great to take a dog on the walk. We met a couple doing the C2C with a dog, a German shepherd. It was difficult for them as there are many fences and stone walls to go over and the stiles are not always easy to get a dog over. They were lucky as their dog was smart and agile, but sometimes they had to lift him over. Not all places would take a dog at night so many nights they had to camp.

  1. It’s been great to see some pictures of the moors from inside rather than from the edge which was all I saw on my bus tour. Looks like lovely walking. Thanks for taking me with you : )

  2. Is this the end of your trekking? I’ll miss your posts and all the beautiful photos. I’m envious of all the “green” in your photos, just as I experienced it in Ireland just 10 days ago. Here in the Peace Country it is the driest summer all the old timers have ever seen it. No green left anywhere and only 3 ½ inches of rain since snow melt and not a drop in the last 6 weeks at least, so I do appreciate the photos of all the lush green grass across England.
    I know you’ve seen a lot of sheep along the way, and I too, have see a lot in Ireland, however, at least you got to take some good shots of them, being on foot. I, on the other hand, was on a seniors’ bus tour!!! so all I got were a few blurry shots from a rain-splattered bus window!
    Anyway, lovely to have been with you both as you’ve journeyed this summer.

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