Croatia 1, Dubrovnik

20130603-161416.jpgOld town from above

I arrived in Dubrovnik yesterday morning at 07:00 after a good sleep on the overnight ferry. Found a room in the old town the way you need to be cautious of: I took up the offer of an old woman hanging around the tourist office to look at a room in her house. Such offers are for unofficial accommodation and can turn out to be a disappointment. But it was early, nothing was open and it has worked out fine. Great to get a room early in the day, store my bike and luggage, change out of cycling clothes and be free to walk the town.

As Dubrovnik is a famous city, I decided to stay two days. On my first day I got a map for the coming days and some information about the coast, walked around the old town, walked the ramparts, did some reading and spent some time chatting with another cyclist, a Scot, who said hello when I first arrived. Quite a character and a very hardcore touring cyclist.

Today I was an absolute tourist. I slept in, indulged in a big breakfast, took a guided walking tour of the old town, rode the gondola up the 450 m hill that overlooks the town, looked at exhibits about the war with Serbia in ’91 – ’92, and wandered around people watching and shooting a few photos.

Tomorrow I’ll head north on the coast road. I don’t have a lot of information and could not find any books on bike touring here. Looks hilly. I’ll take it day by day.

20130603-161624.jpgMarble pavement





20130603-161824.jpgTour guide

20130603-161906.jpgLooking north. That’s where I’m headed tomorrow.

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  1. these last few postings have been so interesting and the photos have been beautiful – such fantastic views – it’s all about the view sometimes! Enjoy – ride safe…

  2. Absolutely beautiful photos Roy! My gosh, are you ever having a fabulous adventure!


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