Crossing France on the EV6 route – 2

Monday Aug 13. We are in le Creusot tonight, not on the planned route, but we felt the need for a rest day and took the train here yesterday. It is as near the original route as we could find for a way to hop ahead by train so that we can have a day off and keep the ongoing accommodation reservations.

Sunday morning we said goodbye to Joanne as she headed off to return her bike and fly to Paris to spend a few days with friends before heading back to Canada. We’ll miss her; it was fun to have her along.

The heat wave has passed, at least for the time being. We are back to normal August temperatures of mid twenties to low thirties with some thunderstoms. Only one rainy day so far.

Following the Loire, we have ridden a lot of dikes and canals in the last few days, mostly through agricultual land. We’ve now left the Loire, heading north-east toward Basel Switzerland. So far we’ve ridden about 650 km.

A few photos:

New Crops


Riding out of Gien after lunch by the river.




Fishing in the canal.


Discussing the route.


Flowers alomg the bike path.


Trees in a farm field.


Inge on a fence by the canal.


Joanne also on a fence.


L’Allier river, just before it flows into la Loire.


Crossing a canal aqueduct over l’Allier.


Alley in Nevers.


Solar powered phone charging station in Nevers.


Roy helping the lock keeper by cranking a manual canal lock.


Cycling on a canal towpath.


Bikes on a local train.

9 thoughts on “Crossing France on the EV6 route – 2”

  1. As usual, it feels like I’m there with you. Love you on the fence, Inge, even though you’re not an “on the fence” kind of girl! Looking forward to more adventure as I tag along with you. Carry on bravely.


  2. ‘Glad to hear and see your bike experiences in France, the train bike rack is impressive.
    ‘looking forward to more, Ed and MM.

  3. I am quite sure you deserved the day off after enduring these extremely hot days over here. I love the picture of the fisherman under his sunshade. Waiting for more. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

  4. A day off?? Where were the hills that tired you out? Is this some sort of holiday? ?Seriously though it all looks very pleasant and highly enjoyable ,and with the French ambiance (and wine) we know you will be having a good time.
    Love to you both and keep up the good work

    Mike and Liz

    • Hi Mike, It was the heat that did it to us. 37º, sunny days, sometimes little shade—makes cycling a lot harder. I also find that on really hot days, it is difficult to stay properly hydrated and that increases the effect. Shower and beer at the end of the day’s ride feel good.

  5. Looking at the pictures and reading your blog is exhilarating enough for us. We love it!
    Thank you Roy and Inge for sharing yet another journey with us – like we said before, it’s the next best thing to actually being there. Continue to have fun, and keep safe. Please do remember us to Mel Jr. and Phan if and when you see them next.
    Tina and Thad

  6. Nice to see some impressions of the trip, great to see Roys helping the local working people. Well done.

  7. Wonderful photos of such charming areas. Your photos make me most envious! It is very easy to fall in love with the French countryside – particularly the rivers and canals. Love your Blogs.


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