Crossing France on the EV6 route – 3

Yesterday we finished our ride across France, crossed the Rhine, spent a few minutes in Germany, then rode into Switzerland and spent the night in Basel.

After leaving the Loire a week ago, we continued riding beside waterways: the Saône River, the Doubs River, the Canal du Rhône au Rhin and others. On the canal, we’ve ridden past more than 100 locks. It is an amazing system of rivers and canals that once carried goods all over France. It has carried us through vinyards, farms, forests and  major cities for about 1100 km of mostly easy riding on quiet roads and old tow paths in hot, sunny weather.

Tomorrow we begin the second part of our trip—riding the Rhône river from its source in Switzerland to its end at the Mediterranean Sea.


Old canal towpath, now a cycle path.


Bikes get dirty.


Moving East into Burgundy and beyond, colourful tile roofs adorn church and public towers.


At Bésançon, a long tunnel carries the canal and the bike path under the fortress above.


An abandonded paper mill. Canals were once thriving with industry.
Sign over a doorway.


Fence that’s an artwork. Montbéliard.


Classy bike storage!


Series of locks descending to the Rhine.


On the EV6 route near the Rhine.


Line at the bakery on Sunday.






Swimmers floating on the Rhine.


Feet in the Rhine.


5 thoughts on “Crossing France on the EV6 route – 3”

  1. Your photos bring back great memories of France and all its beauty. I’m quite envious!


  2. Such beautiful backdrops as you pedal. And the air looks fresh and clean – so unlike here in northern Alberta as we cope with smoke from the BC fires.

  3. Great photos and comments. It looks like a magical time and I am very envious!! BC is overcome with smoke from forest fires so you picked a good time to leave!

  4. The two of you look very much at home in Europe and on the trail. Safe travels and keep those beautiful pictures coming.

  5. Fabulous pictures, as usual……You must visit me in Costa Rica and do mountain biking there.

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