Cycling in Turkey, day 10

Quiet day in and about Akyaka. Trip to the market, very short ride and a short boat trip up the river. Here are a few photos, mostly from the morning market.

Comment: I’m getting the process of blogging with my little iPad mini (moving photos onto the iPad, editing photos and writing some text) down to something much quicker than before. It still involves too many steps, but I know the steps and the tools well now. My small Logitech keyboard is great for writing.

20130515-155651.jpgInvading the market


20130515-155736.jpgStack of scarves

20130515-155800.jpgBuying oranges

20130515-155823.jpgSelling produce

20130515-155843.jpgWatermelon man

20130515-155905.jpgWeighing tomatoes

20130515-155925.jpgTry some!

20130515-155939.jpgToo expensive!

20130515-160000.jpgNot much to sell

20130515-160019.jpgDeserted beach with dogs

20130515-160036.jpgBikes at the hotel

20130515-161621.jpgOur Australian member wears the moose hat in Turkey. We are very international.