Cycling in Turkey, day 3

2013-05-08 Wednesday

Day three of the organized bike ride in Turkey. Eight of us on the ride plus the organizers. A good group – not too big, interesting people, all experienced riders.

The country is dry and hot, although today was cool and cloudy with a few drops of rain. The Turks are friendly and extremely helpful. The food is great. Divers are courteous, although they will cut you off if they can sneak in.

The roads are awful. The pavement is a type of chip seal, gravel sprayed with tar. Unlike home where the chips are chips, here the gravel is 2 cm stones. Rough when new and ugly when pot holes develop and loose gravel abounds. It is amazing how much effort it takes to ride on a rough surface. And there are steep hills.

The group is fun and that makes up for the hills, the bad roads and the loudspeakers summoning you to prayer at 5:00 am. We are having fun and lots of laughter.

John negotiating a carpet purchase
Stork with chicks
End of a tasty lunch
Chilly day on the beach

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  1. Hi Roy,

    I just got back from Thunder Bay and have not checked my email until today. Nice to catch up to you in Turkey. Lovely photos as usual. I love the countryside, the people pictures and the ruins. Looking forward to the rest of your posts.


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