Cycling in Turkey, Day 8

We are in the small seaside town of Oren after an 80 km ride from Bodrum.

I should not have been so smug yesterday about escaping thunderstorms. We spent this afternoon riding in one. The morning was lovely with some cloud against the hills. At lunch the clouds turned dark, the wind came up and the temperature began to drop. We set off on the biggest climb and descent of the ride, about 450 m, just as the rain started. It was quite spectacular with loud thunder, sometimes nearby lightening, rain at times heavy, and wind. The temperature dropped from the 20s to around 10, making the descent uncomfortable. My hands were so cold I had trouble using the brake levers at times. Quite steep with rough pavement in spots.

But at the end of the ride after a final rolling 20 km stretch along the ocean to reach the hotel, it felt like a good day. It was pretty in the hills and part of bike touring is taking what nature hands you each day.

It is warmer after descending from the hills and the weather is clearing. I’ve had a hot shower, washed my clothes, shaved, and a cold beer with friends awaits. Life is good.

No photos from the afternoon. Here are some from the morning…

20130513-174419.jpgBeach by our morning tea break

20130513-174439.jpgTurkish countryside

20130513-174510.jpgDog asleep in the street

2 thoughts on “Cycling in Turkey, Day 8”

  1. What you’re telling about the road conditions, you must be getting a lot of flat tires, don’t you? Or do you have a rabbits foot or something else to protect you against this?

    Enjoy the thunderstrorms, but keep it save.


    • No rabbit foot, but I do have a small Turkish evil eye in my bag. It is supposed to ward off bad spirits, but not sure about flat tires.

      My tires have a hard anti-puncture layer under the tread. No punctures so far. Only three punctures in the whole group so far, oddly all three punctures have been on my friend John’s rental bike, no different from the bikes most others are riding. He isn’t carrying an evil eye.

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