Cycling in Turkey, Day 9

We are in Akyaka, another small seaside town, a 50 km ride from Oren. Another big thunderstorm this afternoon, but it was down the bay from us and we only got a few sprinkles.

We are here for three nights. Day excursions tomorrow and Thursday, then Friday we go our separate ways. It seems too quick to be almost over.

The ride today was very pretty, mostly in hills with a stretch along the coast.

One thing I have had to change my attitude about is drivers using their horns when I’m cycling. At home, my immediate reaction is “Who the f… do you think you’re honking at?” Here drivers discretely warn you with a quick toot that they are about to pass, or, from both sides of the road, they say “Bravo, go cyclist go!” with loud honking and waving. There has been the occasional unfriendly motorist, but they are rare. A refreshing difference from home.

Photos from today…

20130514-163500.jpgOld road sign

20130514-163530.jpgIt is hilly here

20130514-163626.jpgSmall town by the sea, our lunch stop