WHW Day 0: Glasgow to Milngavie

We decided to call this post Day 0 because, although it was our first day of walking, today’s stretch is not part of the official West Highland Way (WHW) route. So tomorrow will be the official Day 1.

Most people make their way from Glasgow to Milngavie by car or train, but we decided to walk it—about 18 km—because one of the guidebooks had mentioned that option and the fact that it was quite a nice walk, mostly through parks. It was indeed a nice, albeit muddy, walk. The first half wasn’t bad, but on the second half we had to contend with several very muddy stretches. Thank goodness for walking poles!

We’ve been in Scotland 3.5 days now. Last Thursday morning we both arrived within 45 minutes of each other, Roy from Vancouver, me from Amsterdam. We’ve spent our time sightseeing Glasgow, starting Thursday afternoon with a walk along the Clyde river to the Transportation museum to help Roy cope with his jet lag. Friday we toured the City Chambers and Cathedral, followed by a walking tour of Glasgow on Saturday to learn more about the work of the architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his contemporaries. These activities combined with a few pub visits pretty much filled our days.

Old port crane, now preserved as history. Glasgow.
Under the railway bridge over the Clyde. Glasgow.
City Chambers, Glasgow.
Beer to go. Tennent’s brewery,
Old above new. Glasgow.
Busy pub on a wet Saturday afternoon in Glasgow.
Billy Connelly mural, Glasgow.

Comfy hotel room, end of day 0




18 thoughts on “WHW Day 0: Glasgow to Milngavie”

  1. Not sure you will get this or not as I am very late in posting, but I wanted you to know that when I lived in Glasgow, I lived about 1/2 km from the Transportation Museum – so you were in my old stomping ground and very close to my local pub!

    • We visited the transportation museum when we started in Glasgow a few weeks ago. Great place.

  2. Great photos. Have a great trek and lots of sunny days (maybe!). I used to think of it as my “spiritual home” in spite of the weather.

  3. Good to be on another adventure with you two. Ya, great legs, Inge! And cute socks too. I do like the people pictures.


  4. Eagerly awaiting updates of your adventure!!! Methinks this will be a magical one. xo

  5. Inge & Roy:

    “You’re off to Great Places!
    Today is your day!
    Your mountain is waiting,
    So… get on your way!”

    Have a great time on the Way and if you have time check out Jessie Biscuit in Milngavie for some Scottish hospitality, tea and Millionaire Shortbread. Worth the stop and a great way to begin Day 1.

    Scott & Coleen

  6. here’s to many great days ahead Inge and Roy. If you see Jamie from Outlander, say hi for me ;^)
    xoxo S

  7. Awesome to hear you have reunited and getting down to the business of walking. Safe travels guys.
    FYI Just bought our tickets for Ireland in September to walk the Kerry Way then off to Malta for more walking to dry out.

  8. Glad to hear you “found ” each other and that you are launched. I think you should take a photo of Inge’s lovely legs every day so we can chart her progress! Love the other photos too!

  9. Aha, you are staying at a Premier Inn. We often use them in Scotland as they provide excellent beds and a very reliable level of accomodation. Any Charles Ronnie MacIntosh photos? Enjoy your stay. Wave at the Hill of Maud outside Buckie for me!

  10. Glad you are all healed Inge and you are back on the road together again. Your beautiful photos make Glasgow come alive on a rainy day. Look forward to your interesting posts and fabulous photos. Have a great trip. Aloha, Bill & Gretchen

  11. Enjoy your trip. Hoping the snow will have cleared up in the the Spey valley by the time you get there.

  12. Great gams, sweetie! Looks like you two are off to a great start. Looking forward to more posts.

  13. You guys are so inspiring – when I grow up I want to be just like you! LOL! Good for you guys!

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