Day 20 & 21 Peaceful Bay and to Albany

Sunday, December 22/13 From Manjimup we drove down Hwy 1 to Peaceful Bay. People at the campground are friendly, as they all seem to be, but it’s a bit of a rough place. No town nearby and the main reason to come here is fishing. Most people at the campground are here for that reason,with wife and family in tow, but fishing comes number One. I feel like I’m in a Toni Collett movie, or the “The Castle”; this is a different slice of life.

Monday we started with walking part of the Cape to Cape track from the beach at Peaceful Bay. It felt good to be walking again and most of it was either on the beach or very close to it. A big stretch had been in a fire recently and both Roy and I came back with soot marks on our arms and legs. It was a pretty walk though and along the way we ran into yet another couple that was doing the Bibbelmun from Walpole to Albany. Considering how bad the bugs were this morning, I don’t think I’ll ever do whole multi-day section of the track.

After the walk we drove to Albany and stopped in Denmark for coffee and a bite; from there we took a scenic route from Denmark to Albany, which was also a bit quieter. Once in Albany we followed the usual routine: visit the tourist office, get a map, buy groceries, drive to the campground and get setup. The campground about 4km out of town, but by a pretty beach.

8 thoughts on “Day 20 & 21 Peaceful Bay and to Albany”

  1. I like to read your story. When are you going to New Zealand? De temperatuur zal wel lekker warm zijn. Je krijgt daar niet echt het kerstgevoel…Blijf genieten en ik bewonder jullie sportiviteit. Greetings Fredie

    • We leave for New Zealand Sunday evening–catching a
      ‘red-eye’ to Auckland, which means we arrive there sometime Monday morning and get to spend the night on the plane and at Melbourne Airport. We’re pretty rested, so it should be o.k.

    • Nice to hear from you Lucille. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Hope you had a great Christmas with kids and grandkids. Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014.

  2. Hi, Enjoying your travels. I think we stayed at the same campground in Albany in a cabin. Merry Christmas.

    • We stayed on Middleton Beach Val. Stayed at Emu Beach recently with the kiwis…not sure where Inge and Roy are staying?

      • We were at Emu Peach as well. Great spot. Beautiful beach. Our time in Australia is coming to an end soon. Hope you’re having a great time sailing, Gail.

  3. Hey you two Down Under, Merry Christmas! Tell us how Christmas is celebrated there.

    I’m really enjoying travelling with you.


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