Day 21 & 22: Edinburgh

Two days off! My legs can recover! On Tuesday, we arrived shortly after noon in Edinburgh and dropped our bags and bikes at the hostel, then went for a walk around town. The winds were indeed howling, which we kept affirming to ourselves to ease the guilt we felt of not cycling to Edinburgh.

Actually, just before before we caught the train in Dunbar, four bike tourists pulled up at the station. We’d met them the day before and chatted briefly. They tried cycling that morning but gave up as well, in the crazy winds. (See, I’m still justifying taking the train.)

After the small and quiet towns of the last few days, we felt disoriented when suddenly dumped in the centre of a beautiful, but busy city, surrounded by tourist, buses, and cameras. Does anyone actually go to SEE a place anymore? Or does everyone record events only through their cameras?

This morning we slept in, found some breakfast, then walked up the big hill of Holyrood Park, from where we had a great view over the city and played tourist for a few hours. Nicely tired, we returned to the hostel for lunch and spent some time planning our route for the next few days. It’s hard to believe we’ll be in Aberdeen in a few days!

Some photos in Edinburgh:

5 thoughts on “Day 21 & 22: Edinburgh”

  1. Jullie hebben het wel echt slecht getroffen met het weer. Wij hebben in zeeland ook nog niet zoveel mooie dagen gehad, maar de zomer is nog lang en we blijven optimistisch. We duimen voor jullie voor prachtig fietsweer..
    We bewonderen jullie doorzettingsvermogen, klasse.
    We lezen wel met veel genoegen jullie reisverslagen.

  2. Your blog reminded me of many visits to Edinburgh in my Trossachs Hotel days. I think I caught a local bus and soaked up all the historic sites. Lots of fun at the time. Enjoy it all.

  3. Hey, love seeing the pictures of the two of you! The other photos are absolutely fabulous as well. Loving the posts.


  4. Holidays are guilt free zones! Take the most pleasant option and enjoy it.
    I am enjoying my morning travel blog. Glad to see you are both smiling.

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