Day 23, 24 and 25 Heading North

Day 23: To Falkland

We are enjoying riding in Scotland. The signs for the NR1 (National Route 1) are much better than before, meaning we can pretty much follow the signs without the need to stop and check our maps. This saves time and makes riding more fun. So far the route has been beautiful: small, quiet roads, no horrific dirt tracks, and beautiful coast line.

We navigated out of Edinburgh on great bike paths and accross the Firth of Forth bridge without problem. By mid-afternoon we arrived in Falkland, a lovely historic town.

We also have a guidebook for the route in Scotland that gives us elevation profiles for the route. Hills are still hills, but they seem easier to take when you know about them and know how high and far they go.

Day 24: Dundee via St. Andrews

The next day our route took us to Dundee via St. Andrews. So far the winds have been favourable, as they tend to be south/south-westerly in Scotland. The ride to St. Andrews was beautiful. We stopped for a little visit. After a coffee and a bit to eat in the centre of town, we went to see the cathedral and castle. It’s a pretty and popular town. The golf course seemed disappointing though: by the sea but barren grass, and with several huge bleachers for people to watch the famous games. Very disappointing.

Before arriving in Dundee we discovered that our hotel was about 5 km out of the way, but it was an easy flat ride, again on good bike paths.

Day 25: “Flying” to Inverbervie

Today we did over 80km. Originally we were going to do a shorter day, but with strong tailwinds (45mph or 70km/hr) we made excellent time, so we decided to carry on and save ourselves some distance tomorrow, when we expect headwinds. By chance we were able to cancel our B&B reservation for today and find another place 20km further down the road in Inverbervie.

We rode past numerous golf courses and it being Saturday, many, many guys were out golfing despite the horrendous winds; didn’t see one woman on the courses though?? But hats off to the folks playing in these winds; we were almost blown of our bikes on one or two occassions.

We are enjoying cycling close to the coast and seeing the North Sea, which we’ll have nearby until Inverness, when the route goes more inland. Today there were lots of white caps and the fast moving shadows of the clouds over the sea made for constantly changing views.

Some photos:

7 thoughts on “Day 23, 24 and 25 Heading North”

  1. I am enjoying the photos and the posts and continue to marvel at the ground you are covering. Thanks for sharing your adventures! I love the photos with you in them as well.


  2. Sounds like you’re having a good run of weather, and in Scotland of all places. I played St Andrews in the sunshine several years ago now . But you know I play Muriwai every week ,a links course and my favourite course in the Auckland area. They offer a great challenge to golfers. More natural landscape and more exposed to the weather. Strangely enjoyable on a bad day! Sounds mad I know. We’ve had 30 knts of wind the past 2 weeks and some great laughs …we try not to cry. Great photos, wish we could be there (golfing not cycling:-)

    • The weather has indeed been good; the last two days we’ve even had sun.
      I can imagine the laughs you have playing in the wind. I had a good laugh with two guys who were playing close to the bike track. (Well, only one of the guys laughed actually, but the other guy’s shot had been so funny and the timing of the incident was just right when I went by.)

  3. Are you by any chance going to Arran? My husband was from there and I hear it is beautiful. Also, do you hear much re the recent vote to separate and the current political climate?

    • No, won’t be going to Arran; we’re mostly on the east side of Scotland. As far as vote goes, we don’t hear much about it. Still see the odd sticker or poster, but that’s it.
      There is talk about another vote because the UK is planning to have a referendum in the next two years about whether or not to stay in the EU. Scotland want to stay in the EU. So depending on the outcome of the referendum, their might be another vote on independence.

  4. it is not unusual to see only men on courses on Saturday. Memberships are designed that way…and there are some women only days too. And, St Andrew being a links course isn’t pretty….but it is tough in the wind.
    As the Scots seem to do things better than the Brits, maybe that’s why they wanted to separate !?
    Pix are super.

    • Well, I’m learning a few things about golf. I now understand what a links course is! Is Wednesday a typical women’s day for golf? Today I seemed to only spot women on some of the course we passed.
      The other day we even had breakfast with pro-golf player, who happened to be staying at the same B&B as we were. Not the answer we expected when we asked: What do you do? (Don’t know his name other than “Paul”.)

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