Day 25, Larche

A Day 25, Saturday September 3
Maljasset to Larche

The area we are in does not take us through long stretches of alpine where we stay at alpine refuges. The last few days have all been similar: start in a valley, climb, perhaps enjoy some alpine walking, go over a pass (col) and then do a steep descent into a valley with a small town where we spend the night before doing it over again the next day.

That sounds boring but for us it isn’t. Each walk and day and town are different. Today took us over two cols each at about 2500 m with some rocky, barren but beautiful alpine filled with marmots.

The weather did change giving us heavy rain in the early afternoon, but then some clearing. No photo from today. The one above is from yesterday in the rocky alpine.

This area along the border with Italy is full of old fortifications from WWII. The town we are in tonight has lots of history but is new because it was totally destroyed in the war and rebuilt; not a single building was left standing. Such a waste. Today you can walk across the border without stoping.

We added up the figures for the trip today: by the end about 680 km walked and over 35,000 m climbed and then descended.