Day 30: Inverness

A short day (only 40km) and an easy ride on a beautiful sunny morning. The day started early as I woke up around 6 a.m. Since I felt wide awake and Roy seemed still very asleep, I decided to walk to the beach, just 2-3 minutes from our B&B, and watch the day wake up. (I can’t say: “watch the sun rise”, because it had already risen at 4 a.m. when I was stil fast asleep.)

After a good breakfast and friendly goodbye from our hosts, we went on our way. The elevation profile for today showed a steep climb at the start, which turned out to be not too bad. Since we’d made good progress and would arrive early in Inverness, we decided to take it easy and include a stop for coffee at Culloden, about 30km into the ride. From there we’d have a short, easy ride into Inverness.

Culloden is a historic battle field and a tourist attraction, so I figured there must coffee. As it turned out, the bike route didn’t take us past the battle fields and tourist centre. Just as I was moping to Roy: “All I want is a cute little hotel or restaurant and have a nice coffee and treat” we turned a corner and Culloden House Hotel appeared. It fit the bill. We cycled up the drive and were served coffee and scones in the lounge. If it hadn’t been for my cycling clothes, I would have felt I was in an episode of Downton Abbey. Quite fun.

Fortunately we were able to check in to our B&B early and then spent a few hours exploring Inverness. We won’t make it down the Loch (as in Loch Ness), so no sign of the monster for us on this trip. May be next time.


6 thoughts on “Day 30: Inverness”

  1. I’m trying to remember if I have been to Inverness but am pretty sure I spent at least one night there. I think it included an uncomfortable horsehair couch. But I do remember driving up the Loch with someone or another. It looks as if the sun has decided to shine on you.

    • A horsehair couch doesn’t sound very comfortable. Likely you were here. It’s a pretty popular and pretty spot. The weather has been very good these last few days. Showers in the forecast for tomorrow. Willl keep our fingers crossed for good weather.

  2. had a lovely tea break in Inverness with Kaye and Carolyn and the family…. really loved it when we were there 3 years ago already….. we came from the south that trip and enjoyed a drive all the way up Loch Ness…. Kaye and I were determined to swim there, but never found a suitable spot…. enjoy your travels!

    • Yes, it’s a pretty spot. I can imagine you and Kaye & gang enjoyed it up here. Thought of you when I dipped my toes in the North Sea at Nairn.

  3. Wish that I was with you. Inverness was one of my hunting grounds when I was young and single.Played a bit of soccer there and did a lot of skiing one hour south in the Cairngorms at Aviemore.

    • It sure is a pretty area Malcolm. I can understand you enjoyed it up here. Roy was wondering if you were hunting girls or wildlife while up here? (I figured probably both.)

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