Day 78: Norddeich

Wednesday, July 29

A short day (about 40km) as planned, based on the weather forecast. A wind warning was in effect for most of the Northsea coastal areas, with winds expected to be near gail force at 50km/hr or more. And they were right: strong winds and lots of heavy rain is what we had today.

We chose to stay in Norddeich because from here, if need be, we can catch a train tomorrow. We also felt that even with strong headwinds we could manage 40km and at least make some progress. However, the forecast for tomorrow looks better, with winds decreasing and shifting a bit north. We might actually have a bit of tailwind as we head towards Emden, our last stop in Germany. From there we plan to catch the ferry to Delfzijl, Holland, on Friday morning, accross the Dollard inlet.

We didn’t do much sightseeing today; felt pretty pooped by the time we got here and with a steady rain setting in it was just too miserable to go anywhere. We’re in comfortable hotel room, brand new; the place only opened last week. At the front of the building is a basic but good Italian restaurant and a gelato place, which we can reach through an inside door from the hotel; no need to go outside; perfect on a day like today.

We didn’t take a lot of pictures as the landscape remains much the same: dikes, sheep, cows and fields, but the sky scapes were amazing. Hope you enjoy them.

Tschuss! (German for “Goodbye”.)

5 thoughts on “Day 78: Norddeich”

  1. Hoi Inge en Roy, leuk jullie mooie tocht zo gevolgd te kunnen hebben en nu bijna weer bij het startpunt. Als jullie de Noordzee route blijven volgen zou het leuk als jullie langskomen bij Egmond afslag Heiloo (5 km). Geniet nog even van de rit.
    Hartelijke groet, Toos en Jan.

  2. Nog even en jullie zijn weer in Nederland! Wat een fantastische fietstocht hebben jullie gemaakt. Helaas was het weer niet echt zomers, maar jullie zijn echte sportievelingen! Complimenten!!!

  3. Gorgeous skies. I think the idea of a nice hotel, an Italian restaurant across the street and gelato at hand sounds perfect. It’s the biking I have a problem with.

  4. The photos have been wonderful Roy. I certainly looked forward to the regular postings, living vicariously through your adventures…..but glad I didn’t have to cope with the weather/wind.

  5. Ik heb er echt van genoten van jullie blog en hoop jullie snel in Den Haag te zien ☺

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