Day 9 and first 200km done

Day 5 – Estrelle

Two more days of nice walking through beautiful country, most of in the company of my Dutch and Danish walking friends. Great weather but it does get hot by noon. Tomorrow we should have some clouds and they’re forecasting rain, but only 2-3mm.

Have met a few Canadians so far. Am bunking with a girl from Victoria. There is also a group of Koreans walking the Camino who are devout Catholics. I had no idea. The guy who seems to be leading the group is a delightful guy with a very cheery face. I last spotted him lying I the grass getting his feet massaged by this wife and giving us the thumbs up. There is a fun mix of characters walking this route.

It’s now several days later and things continue to go well. Good walking, but good weather and nice people. After walking much of last last week with two Dutch people I decided today to carry on by myself. It was nice being a little group but it’s a different from walking by yourself.  I’ll try to post some pics later. Right now I can’t seem to upload them–wifi is pretty dodgy.

3 thoughts on “Day 9 and first 200km done”

  1. I feel like I am walking with you in Spirit! ….and not adding weight to your pack;)

  2. Great pictures! Wat gaaf om te doen… echt fantastisch lijkt het me. Veel succes nog!

  3. I’m glad it is going well and l’m looking forward to seeing your pictures!

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