Days 11 and 12, Fakenham and Holbeach

Day 11 – Gillingham to Fakenham

Another day of good riding, mostly on quiet country lanes. Cool and cloudy in the morning, but it cleared in the afternoon and by the end of the day it was perfect for riding without a jacket.

Our route took us via Norwich where we stopped at a large bar by the river for coffee. The bar was surprisingly full for 11:00am, mostly people in their twenties downing beer.

From Norwich we rode on Marriott’s railway trail, a 26 mile cycling and walking path created from two abandoned rail lines. It is mostly unpaved, but except for the last few kms, the surface is good.

After writing yesterday about how difficult it is to get Sustrans cycle maps, who should we meet on Marriott’s way but two Sustrans volunteers trying to make cyclists more aware of what they offer. We had a good chat.

We’re staying in Fakenham at The Bull, a friendly pub and B&B that we hope won’t be too noisy on a long weekend Saturday night.

Day 12 – Fakenham to Holbeach

We slept well.

Good weather in the first part of the morning then showers, and sunny again in the afternoon. Our route fit the weather: we started on country lanes, but took the more direct main highway in the middle part of the day, stopping in King’s Lynn for coffee, then finished on quiet country roads as the sun reappeared.

Holbeach is a small town we picked because it is on the route and makes a reasonable cycling day. Many of our overnight stops will be similar, places that are not tourist destinations. But they show us a side of the country we might otherwise miss, and the day of riding, experiencing the shape, look, weather and smells of the country, is more the point of our trip than the towns we stay in.

We are seeing some wildlife in the countryside: hares, rabbits and many birds. Pheasants are everywhere, but they aren’t road smart; we’ve seen too many colourful feathers in squashed lumps on the road. There are also deer, but the only one we’ve seen was road-kill.

We found ourselves “on the verge” today. At home that usually means on the edge of something dangerous: on the verge of losing it, on the verge of getting caught. Here the verge is the grassy bit beside the road, a spot we chose today for a picnic lunch on a quiet road.

8 thoughts on “Days 11 and 12, Fakenham and Holbeach”

  1. It’s been good so far. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Enjoy spring time in VIctoria!

  2. Hi Roy and Inge,
    I’m enjoying traveling vicariously through both of you! This part of your trip looks great…love the countryside and especially the B&B. Will be great to see a slideshow on your return.
    Love Colleen

    • Thanks Colleen, nice to hear from you. Can you vicariously help us with some of the hills? Would be nice! Hope you’re well. See you in the fall.

  3. Leuk om jullie tocht zo te volgen en wij genieten dagelijks van jullie wel en wee. Zelf gaan we vanavond met de trein naar Bregenz (Bodensee) en gaan naar huis fietsen.
    Veel fietsplezier de komende weken.

    • Fijne reis! Klinkt erg leuk. In augustus zijn we weer in Nederland. Mochten we in de buurt van Heiloo zijn, dan laat ik het wel weten. Veel plezier!

  4. I’m enjoying following you on your wonderful trip and seeing the photos. Take care!

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