Offa’s Dyke Path Days 3 to 6

In some ways the last few days have been alike: walking through the countryside, sheep, hills, views from the hill tops, villages in the valleys. Good weather.

But each day was different. Day three was a climb to a long ridge walk in the Black Mountains, well away from roads and fields, into heather and high grazing land, with wild ponies and panoramic views of the farms below.

Days four and five were hills and sheep. And also the first chance to clearly see and follow Offa’s Dyke.

Today is rated as the toughest day of the walk, following the dyke northward as it crosses east-west hills for a cumulative ascent today of 980m (3215ft) with some extremely steep climbs. A tiring day, but rewarding.

At the end of today’s walk I was standing at a crossroads in the rain waiting for a bus to take me off route to a nearby hotel. I decided to try hitchhiking. Ten minutes later I had a ride to the hotel door.

Some photos:

Cows trying to follow me

Border marker on the ridge

Wild pony

Wild pony

The endless 14 km ridge trail

Farm fields

When the official signs go missing…

Weathered sign post

Village street

Hiker on the dyke

Lamb peeking over the dyke

Half way point

10 thoughts on “Offa’s Dyke Path Days 3 to 6”

  1. Some lovely sunshiny days, Roy. You should publish a book of all these amazing photos!

  2. Didn’t, think the welsh sheep were as pretty as the Scottish sheep.
    Guess it in the eye of the beholder

  3. Wish I was there – your photos awake many memories. That is the land of my Welsh father’s family I remember as a kid going with my him to buy sheep at Llanymynech (spelling from memory so likely incorrect).
    You must be tough as old boots by now Roy.

    Dave P

    • Hi Dave — I’ll be staying in Llanymynech tomorrow (Friday) night. You spelled it correctly. Will take some photos.

  4. great shots Roy.
    I love how this walk has vast but intimate scale.
    You look relaxed and happy!

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