Days 34 to 37

To Thurso and John o’Groats, and to Kirkwall in the Orkney Islands
June 15 to 18

We are in Kirkwall, the main city of the Orkney Islands, spending our second day here. We are here for three nights before we take an overnight ferry to the Shetland Islands.

From Betty Hill, we’ve had easy days cycling to Thurso and on to John o’Groats. As always, mixed weather, some hills, but also some tail winds. We’ve met lots of cyclists. In John o’Groats we stayed in a great guest house with a good view, friendly hosts, and a group of cyclists celebrating the finish of their End to End ride.

On Wednesday a 45 minute ride on a small ferry brought us to the Orkney Islands and a wet, windy, hilly ride to Kirkwall. Cattle, mist, big views, and an amazing little church built by Italian prisoners during the second world war.

Today, Thursday, we took the local bus to Stromness to do some sight seeing. No cycling.

Tomorrow we’ll get back on the bikes to see more of the local sights and history. It is an interesting place, once part of Norway, settled for thousands of years.

Photos to John o’Groats:

Photos in the Orkney Islands:

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  1. Congratulations on completing the UK leg guys. Looking forward to seeing the next! (Is fench ,as in Inge sitting on one , a Scottish word?)

  2. Love following your travels with the blogs and the photos. It sounds like your adventure is on-going. Take care.

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