WHW Days 8 & 9 Glencoe to Fort William, end of the West Highland Way

Today, Wednesday, we are enjoying a lazy day off after completing the West Highland Way.

Monday we began in rain with an amazing rainbow over the trail. Moments later we were stoped by a film crew doing a promo for Scotrail asking if they could film us setting off, walking on the trail to rainbow. We agreed, signed the model release with the ink smudging in the rain, walked ahead and back again, took a photo of them, then set off to climb the Devil’s Staircase. A good climb, but not as steep as the name suggests. It took us to the highest point of the walk and briefly into snow. The rain quit and the sun appeared. A remote and bueatiful area.

Kinlochleven, our destination for the day, is the site of one of the first aluminum smelters in Britain. The smelter is gone, but the power station still supplies eletricity to the grid.

Tuesday, our last day of the West Highland Way, also began with a climb in rain but like the previous day the rain quit after an hour and the sun returned. Again a day mostly in a remote area with only sheep about. We walked most of the morning with an English couple we had met a few days before.

It has been an excelent walk.

Tomorrow we start the Great Glen Way heading to Inverness.

Thanks to everyone for the comments on our blog posts.


Walking to the end of the rainbow…
Scotrail film crew
Devil’s staircase ahead in the mist
Top of the Devil’s Staircase
Snow on the trail
Stepping stones
Walking into Kinlochleven
Wet morning starting out to Fort William
Sheep and lamb crossing the trail
Friends we met on the way
Ruins of an old house
End of the walk in Fort William

    End of the walk. No one nearby to ask to take a photo of the two of us.

9 thoughts on “WHW Days 8 & 9 Glencoe to Fort William, end of the West Highland Way”

  1. Congrats! Looking forward to the next part of the journey. GGW and Inverness should be stunning!
    Love the sheep photos, can’t wait until our wooley summer guests arrive:)

  2. Thanks for sharing this part of your adventure………..Photos are wonderful and you never cease to inspire me!

  3. Hoi Inge en Roy. Wat leuk geschreven en wat een geweldige foto’s van dat ruige land en dan dat plaatje met de regenboog, en jullie zien er heerlijk relaxed uit, geweldig!! Ik ben benieuwd naar jullie volgende blog van Inverness.
    Happy Feet xxxx

  4. Congrats on completing the WHW! Such a rugged landscape. Keep looking for rainbows!

  5. Inge & Roy:

    “I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move…”
    Robert Louis Stevenson

    And move the two of you have … congratulations on the end of one Scottish ramble and the next one in your sights.

    Scott & Coleen

  6. Dag Inge en Roy
    Mooi verslag!!
    Shhhh wij liepen ook de laatste 8 dagen, voor ons voor t eerst..
    Rota Vincentina in Portugal
    Also started with rain and ended with sunshine and burned calf’s!!
    Maybe you hiked it as well….

    Thanks for sharing your journeys!


  7. Scotland can provide rugged and difficult terrain. I guess that is why the Scots made such great immigrants to early Canada. It is fun to share your enjoyment.

  8. so lovely – Love the rainbow and stories – keep it up you guys!

  9. The pictures are wonderful. Forwarding to my Scottish, Dutch stepson.

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