Days 87 and 88: the end of the journey

Friday, August 7 to Leiden and
Saturday, August 8, to Kijkduin (where we started on May 13)

Friday was a good day cycling south through the port and steel mill city of IJmuiden and the endless dunes on the coast. We stayed the night in Leiden with Inge’s nephew, Maurits.

Saturday was another good day of cycling through dues in warm sunny weather with a tailwind (!) and an unexpected welcome from our friends at our starting point on the North Sea beach.

5097km in total. We all went to a nearby restaurant for a beer (or two) and a snack, then we rode and the others drove to Cora and Gerard’s house for a pleasant afternoon talking in the back yard and dinner. A good end to the trip.

Today (Sunday) we cycled back to Leiden which will be our base for the next 12 days or so. It feels strange to finish the trip. We’ll do more cycling before we return home in September, but probably only short trips.

15 thoughts on “Days 87 and 88: the end of the journey”

  1. Congratulations! What an epic journey and a fantastic finish! (Love the glasses)

  2. Congratulations, you two! A saga, indeed—thanks for sharing.
    You’ve got some colour, Roy! And no doubt the two of you are the fittest you’ve ever been.
    Enjoy the rest
    – Jonathan

  3. Congratulations ??? you did it!! What a great adventure. We’ve enyoyed to read your blogs and see the nice pictures. Enyoy your stay here. The sunglasses looks great on you Roy ?

  4. Well done Inge and Roy. Great posts, great photos, wonderful adventure. I’m sure that there are lots of stories and memories to treasure!

  5. Way to go! You have great friends to mark this even with a banner and Queen. Look forward to seeing you on your return.

  6. It’s been a fun ride for me….thanks for the tour. An amazing accomplishment for you both. What’s next on the bucket list?

  7. Congratulations !! What a great trip (well it was great from our armchair view). We’ll miss the updates but I’m guessing there will be a few more trips to follow.
    Enjoy your stay in Leiden and stop peddling at least for a day or two ?

  8. Congratulations to both of you!! Well done!
    We are in awe of you and all that you have accomplished!
    All the best, Katie & Malcolm

  9. Welcome back in the Netherlands
    see you soon, maybe
    your mothers has a big smile when she see the film

  10. OMG, you did it, you really did it. Congratulations for sure. What a wonderful welcoming committee. You two are amazing. Thank you for taking me on such an inspiring tour. Loved every minute of it, even the rain, cold, and wind.


  11. Congratulations!!!! That’s a memorable accomplishment; one to be very proud of. Bravo.

  12. Congratulations! What a great welcome back!
    And what an amazing trip you made. Lost of respect for the both of you.
    Enjoy your stay in Holland.

  13. Wow…you really have covered ground and congratulations on finishing. Looked like an amazing adventure. Please bring one of the cattle home for me!
    Hope to see you on your return.
    Love Coll

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