Dolomites days 8 and 9

Day 8 (Aug 4) Rif Vassoler to rif Pramperet

A long day, about nine hours walking, ten hours including breaks. Much of it was well away from easy car access so we encountered few day hikers and felt pleasantly isolated. Lots of climbing and descending, some forest and several long stretches across scree slopes. Good weather. We made the mistake of having lunch at a rifugio about mid day. It was hard to find to energy to walk after lunch. Good lesson for the long days ahead on our walk in France: bring lunch and eat small amounts over the day. Our guide book said rif Pramperet had plans in 2011 to install a shower. After a hot day, we were happy to find it was so. Well run rifugio with good food. We discovered we had caught up to the two German guys we said goodbye to two days before. They were very surprised to see us. A fun evening and a good way to end our last full day in the Dolomites.

Day 9 (Aug 5) Rif Pramperet to Forno di Zoldo, then to Beluno by bus and train.

An intense thunderstorm last night, unlike any thunderstorm I have experienced. Torrential rain, strong wind, loud thunder and nearby lighting strikes. But we were snug in our beds and felt no danger. This morning was sunny and fresh.

An easy 2.5 hour walk down to the small town of Forno di Zoldo. Unfortunately, it is Sunday and we had a long wait for the bus. But some food and several hours in a cafe made the time pass. A short ride to Longarone on a very modern bus and a short train ride, and here we are in Beluno until Wednesday. It feels a bit odd to be back in town after nine days in the mountains, but I think we will enjoy it.

2 thoughts on “Dolomites days 8 and 9”

  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the pace and rhythm of your illustrated walk. The Dolomites have begun friends. I’ll miss them. I do though look forward to your next song.

    All the best

  2. I’m loving your posts Roy and Inge. The scenery is stunning. The massive boulder in the photo with Inge? standing beside it is so unusual. The Dolomites are so very different than our Rockies, aren’t they.

    Looking forward to the next installment.


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