Finishing the Great Glen Way

Hello from Inverness, the end of the Great Glen Way. We arrived yesterday, Tuesday, and today we are enjoying a day in town. Tomorrow we begin walking the Speyside Way.

It was a good walk. About 290 km from our start in Glasgow.

Monday, day five, was another high level route in mostly good weather, even some sunshine, with good views of Loch Ness. We haven’t seen Nessie (the Loch Ness monster) yet, but we continue to look.

Yesterday, again, was mostly good weather. The clouds were threatening at times but the most we got was a few showers mixed with sunny peroids. There isn’t a high level option for the last day, but the trail climbs up into the hills and is well away from towns. The last bit into Inverness was surprisingly pleasant. Inverness is compact—we found ourselves walking in forest and parkland almost to the city centre. We are enjoying revisiting the city.

Some photos from Monday:

Trail up from Loch Ness
A sign says it is the Troll Bridge. Fortunately, the troll was elsewhere.
Daffodils by a quiet country road
Wind shelter overlooking Loch Ness
Drumnadrochit, our destination on Tuesday.

Photos from Tuesday:

First of many gates
Trees by Loch Ness
Sunny forest
Snack at a funky forest cafe
Chicken looking for crumbs from our snack
The Ness river, almost in Inverness
End of the Great Glen Way

16 thoughts on “Finishing the Great Glen Way”

  1. Congratulations you two; well done. And here’s to the next leg of your adventure!

    Love the Troll Bridge and the funky forest cafe. Cake looks good.

    • The cake was delicious and the coffee the best I’d had since Glasgow. It was a real treat (and the only one available during that 30 km day).

  2. Congratulations Inge & Roy on completing the second part of your triple walk. It’s back to (working) business here but this makes me want to come back and do the Great Glen Way as well. I expect the same from the Speyside Way :-), good luck & have fun on your third stage!

  3. Hi folks,
    If you happen to pass Boat -of Garten in Speyside, drop into the local tearoom….it is owned and run by a relative..Susan Dow
    Tell her I was asking for her
    Cheers ,Malcolm

  4. Fabulous photos……….Makes me want to get out our hiking poles and go on a looooong walk…………Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Thanks Inge and Roy. I’ve enjoyed the scenery this morning….especially the daffodils.

  6. Such a great adventure. I’m enjoying it immensely – from my cosy arm chair! ?

  7. Awww….those chickens. Never take your eyes off the food when one of those gals are around;)

  8. Congratulations. I have fond memories of Inverness which I last visited forty (!) years ago… (I was particularly impressed by the quality of the tap water)

    • Yes, we like it too. It’s our second time here. First time was three years ago on our bike tour. The tap water still tastes good! We’ll have to catch up one of these days when I’m I Victoria again!

    • Thanks Randy! It’s been fun. Thinking of you while you’re working hard it seems ?.

  9. I have enjoyed every minute of it, from my couch in New Orleans. Slainte!

    • Thanks for all your comments Dixie. Glad you’re enjoying the trip reports. I know you have a strong connection to Scotland. One more walk to go.

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