G’day from ‘Gong

We are in Wollongong, called Gong by the locals.

Tuesday we took a short but very early flight from the Gold Coat back to Sydney, picked up a rental car and drove out to Katoomba in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. We did a short bush walk that afternoon and a longer one in a deep canyon on Wednesday. Today we did a walk along a canyon wall, 100m or more above the valley floor, on an amazing trail built in the early 1900s.

This afternoon we drove out to Wollongong on the coast, not a pretty town, but a convenient place to stay. Gong is a steel mill town and my image of it as Hamilton by the sea isn’t far off the mark.

Tomorrow we continue south.

20121220-225711.jpgAnother waterfall

20121220-225814.jpgAmazing trail on a cliff face. Via ferrata for the rest of us.

20121220-230013.jpgSteps carved in rock.

20121220-230118.jpgGold Coast. From earlier in the trip.

20121220-230220.jpgInge’s new hat.

20121220-230327.jpgBeach at ‘Gong (Hamilton by the sea)

1 thought on “G’day from ‘Gong”

  1. Beste Inge en Roy, We genieten telkens weer van jullie reisbeschrijvingen en de foto’s.
    We weten van sommige streken nu zo veel, dat het lijkt of we er zelf geweest zijn. Jullie maken er een geweldige reis van.
    We wensen jullie nog veel reisplezier, fijne feestdagen en een heel goed 2013.
    Hartelijke groeten
    Joop en Rina

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